Trick To Increase Facebook Group Member With Facebook Auto Adder JavaScript

Hello Friends..

Sorry for my inconsistency on FreeFileHouse,I was busy with my exams that's why didn't able to concentrate on blogging.
but belive me after my today's post you will forgive me for my inconsistency on blog posting.. :)

So,coming to the topic again today i will show you a cool java script by which you can easily able to increase your group members on facebook.This is really a cool javascript and i tried it on my group and got approx 150000 members in just one day..isn't it sounds cool..

So without taking much of your precious time..Here the process..
First of all Make Sure Bookmark Bar is
visible. If not visible then right click on the top of Firefox and select "Bookmarks Toolbar". & This will make Bookmark Bar visible.

For Google Chrome Users Simply Press Ctrl+Shift+B

Copy the following JavaScript & paste it on Bookmarks Toolbar as you can see in image below.

This will create a bookmark "javascript:(function(){" in the bookmark bar.

Log In to Facebook

And Go To any of the facebook group.

Now Click the Bookmark that you made..
This will start adding your friends in that Group

To get maximum members to your facebook group..Request all your group members or friends to do the same..

This JavaScript is tested successfully on browsers like mozila firefox and google chrome..and works fine on them.
if you are facing any problem with this javaScript Comment below..i will try my best to sort that out..

start adding your friends to groups before facebook block this script.. :)



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