Install BackTrack via USB Drive

Install-Backtrack-from-usb-backtrack-logoBackTrack is one of the best Linux distributions which is purely focused on penetration testing and is preloaded with several industry standard security and hacking tools like network analysers, wireless tools, fuzzers, crackers etc.. As like other Linux distributions BackTrack is also designed to boot and use from cd/dvd(called as live cd) but in some cases you may need to use BackTrack with your USB device. So in this post HPH will show you how to do it.

Even though BackTrack is designed to be used from live cd/dvd, it can also be used as a live USB drive. The process to make your live BackTrack USB drive is a piece of cake when you follow the 4 simple steps below.

Minimum Requirements:

  • USB device with 2+ GB space(4 GB is recommended)
  • BackTrack ISO file, If you don’t have the current latest version you can go download here.
  • A software application called Unetbootin, It is free an you can download it from here.
  • Five minutes of your precious time.

Steps to be followed:

Step #1: Plug-in your USB drive.
Step #2: Start the application Unetbootin.
Step #3: Now select the radio button DiskImage and click browse to select your BackTrack ISO.
Step #4: On the below select your USB drive letter and click OK to create bootable BackTrack USB.

That’s it your are done, you had successfully created your bootable USB BackTrack device. You can now boot and login to your BackTrack with the default username(root) password(toor).
Note: Make sure you select your USB as first boot device in your BIOS.


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