Ashampoo FireWall 1.20 Free

If you don’t have a degree in computer science, using a firewall program can be quite frustrating. In addition to all the confusing jargon, current firewalls are getting to be very big programs. Sometimes you have the feeling that you’re installing an entire office suite instead of a basic network tool.

The brand-new Ashampoo FireWall is different. It’s Configuration Assistant guides you through every step of the the simple setup process. And Easy Mode makes using it a breeze – you don’t need any special technical knowledge and everything is explained clearly.

Ashampoo FireWall is also amazingly compact. Even with its four additional security tools it’s a tiny program that uses very little memory and computer resources. You get the heavy-duty protection without heavyweight overload on your system.

Here are some key features of "Ashampoo Firewall":

  1. · Heavy-duty firewall protection: Monitors all your computer's network activity and protects you against both incoming and outgoing connections. 
  2. · Easy Mode: Get full protection in seconds with Easy Mode and the Configuration Assistant. No expert knowledge required. 
  3. · Expert Mode: Experience users can activate this mode for powerful additional capabilities. 
  4. · Simple and compact: Self-explanatory user interface. Very small program that uses minimum memory and resources. 
  5. · Learning Mode: Automatically identifies programs that try to make connections and lets you decide whether you want to allow them. One-click operation in Easy Mode or full configuration in Expert Mode. 
  6. · Rules: Create rules for every program that controls how they can access the network. One-click in Easy Mode or full configuration in Expert Mode. 
  7. · Block All: One-click panic button for emergencies that lets you block all traffic, for example if you are under attack or suspect that a malicious program is active. 
  8. · Monitor local connections: Ashampoo FireWall can also monitor the local connections used inside your computer. Useful for identifying suspicious activity. Can be enabled or disabled. 
  9. · Monitor LAN connections: Monitor all the local LAN traffic into and out of your computer. Can be enabled or disabled. 
  10. · Connection log: Detailed logging of all internal, LAN and Internet connections with date, time, application, port used and IP address.

Download Information:

Date: 2007-04-10
Size: 8.38 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win XP/2003


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