Skins for Windows Media Player

With skins, you can change the look of Windows Media Player in a couple of clicks, as often as you like. Some skins just change the appearance of the Player with graphics and animations, while some also add new features. Skins are easy to download and install—and you can freely switch between different skins in the Player using the Skin chooser feature.
Note: Some skins are optimized for Windows Vista and Windows XP and may not have the same appearance when used in Windows 7.

It's easy to give Windows Media Player a new look by applying a skin. Each skin has a distinct appearance, and most skins incorporate basic Player functions, such as the ability to adjust the volume. Some skins offer added functionality, including special audio files, visualizations, and other custom features. The features that a skin provides are determined by its creator. You can select a skin from those provided with the Player, or you can download more skins from the Internet.

Note: To install some skins, you must be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group.


2- Run FileHouseWMPlayerSkins.exe.
3- Click on Install button, it will close automatically after installation.
4- Open Windows Media Player, Go to Media Player>View>Skin Chooser and Select one of them
    and Enjoy!

Note: To Download More, Go Here


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