Reasons Why Google Banned Large Number of Pakistani Adsense Accounts

Google AdSense is one of the most popular source of income on Internet and inspiration of most of bloggers. Google's this hit product made many blogger millionaires in few years and many people relay on Google AdSense world wide including Pakistanis. Most of Pakistani publishers are either frustrated or are feared because Google has banned a large number of Pakistani AdSense accounts. Google not only banned newbies but also banned aged and company accounts such as a (popular news paper) Daily Times account also got disabled.

Google was already hardly accepting new applications from Pakistan and Google's this move has discouraged a large of Pakistani bloggers. Many tech gurus say one must file an appeal if their accounts are disabled however negligible percentage of banned accounts are re-instated. Here are few reasons why Google disabled large numbers of Pakistani accounts.

Yeah its frustration when Google disables your account but there is always a reason if you are effected because when you earn money, Google also makes money, so possibly there are few reasons why they ban their money machines.

Spam Sites

Google hates spam sites and dont want to see their ads on them. This doesn't matter if your blog is having a good template and good traffic. All that matters is "contents" and they must be unique, Else Google wouldn't accept your account any longer. Spam sites incluse feed aggregators, sms sites etc


This is yet another most common reason why AdSense account is banned. People only make sites and blogs to earn money via AdSense and when AdSense manually check the website, they Hit the "Disable" button. Made-for-AdSense websites might have unique contents but their primary goal is only to make money out of that website.

Less Sales and Higher Cost

No company would love to have lower profits and higher cost of running their business. This is yet another reason because most of the advertisers does not select Pakistan in their advertising campaigns and those who choose Pakistan too, do not have good sales. This results less profits and/or higher cost of running.

Google Panda Updates

This time, possibly most of Pakistani accounts are banned because of a minor but "serious" panda update. Google possibly caught a large number of websites having copied contents and their software disabled mass AdSense accounts.

Other Policy Violations

Most of publishers do not care for TOS of Google AdSense and definitely no-company will need such workers. Those publishers make serious violations and their accounts are banned. Having adult contents, uninteresting contents, hate-speeches etc are top reasons why Google bans AdSense accounts.


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