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Note:This is a Guest Post from our new honourable member Subro.
As is known to all, iPhone has become an important tool in our daily life.In addition to communicating with friends, we also listen to music, watch movies and surf the internet etc. with it. Most of time, we’d like to use iPhone to watch all kinds of movies to amuse and relax ourselves. It is so cool and portable that we could show it anywhere and anytime we like.

Due to the huge success of Apple’s iPhone and its rapid spread amongst the users inspired lots of companies to jump into iPhone Application Development. Beside the device Apple has also provided the magnificent development tool xCode, which is an add-on benefit to the developer. Many people around the world are building different type of apps with different usability.
While programming a iPhone app It is easy to generate the idea behind the app, but it is not so easy to convert the idea into an app which is simple to use yet have cool features and user interface.

While developing a iPhone application, the very first step after finalizing the idea is to draw the screens and flow on white papers. This practice reduces UI redesigning or flow changing heavily. Drawing all the screens with complete detail like how the tabbar will be placed, what will be tabs, how the navigation will be displayed, how the table view will be laid up, where and how the buttons will be placed and etc. It is even better to use a pencil while drawing up the screens, as any amendment or modification can be done easily by erasing certain portions. Do not draw the screens tiny, instead draw larger screens so that every part is properly visible. Being a good iPhone Developer you must follow basic rule.

The scope of this article is limited to strategy only, so we’ll not talk much about the iPhone programming, but while programming, maintain proper naming convention for your variables and methods. Use proper indentation. Don’t use extra lines or spaces. All these make a code more readable.
Finally when you are packaging your application make sure that the Version Number, App Identifier, Product Name, App Display Name, Required Icons everything has been setup properly. Then build it and give it a test drive on your actual device!


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