Does outsource staffing really works?

With the rapid advancement of technology it has become almost impossible for one person to have knowledge of everything. We’ll be specially focusing on web development and web programming here. Even before couple of years the situation was completely different as most of the websites were being built using any of the popular scripting languages (like .NET, ASP or PHP) in a customized way. But these days with the advancement of technologies there are so many open source and free PHP based projects are available, that people are tending to build their web applications customizing these open source projects.

To work with these open source projects one developer must have profound knowledge of PHP, Object Oriented Programming, CSS and JavaScript. Along with these technical knowledge there has to be sound debugging capability.

Off course it is not possible for a single developer to have all the above mentioned technical skills, and thus to complete a project successfully it has to be a group of developers working together with their individual technical skills. There comes the benefit of outsourcing your project to a company, who has got qualified programmers. PHP is becoming very much popular with its new features and versions. Most of the web projects are done on PHP. So if you are planning to have a project in custom PHP or in open source like Joomla, WordPress, osCommerce and etc. It is the best dicision to hire a PHP developer from a well known company, so that you can get the help of other required resources from the same company without employing a bunch of developers. This lower down the development cost heavily. Moreover in countries like India and China, PHP programmers cost much less compared to European Countries or the States. So if you are from Europe or the States then it is a good idea to look for a company in India to hire PHP programmers, because India has got very talented programmers and well profiled IT companies.

Finally before hiring a PHP developer from a company, judge the company by talking to some of the existing clients of the company. Portfolio always may not work, even it is really hard to be sure that the project displayed on portfolio was actually built by the company. May be the company initially built the project and after that another company made betterment to the project. So it is wiser to talk to the developer, judge the developer and talking to their existing clients before hiring developer(s) from them.


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