StyleXP 3.19 - Install unsigned Visual Effects and Themes in Windows XP

Note: Style XP may not work on Windows XP service Pack 3, Works well on Windows XP Service Pack 2.

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Developer's Description

How sleek is your desktop? Style XP can unleash the full potential of your Windows XP desktop by allowing you to download and install XP themes. Customize your XP interface to look like a Mac, or view hundreds of other custom skins. Style XP can modify backgrounds, themes, and logons. Style XP is 100 percent application compatible.
Style XP is not a skinning engine. It uses Microsoft's built-in visual style engine, but enhances it by providing many useful tools. Style XP can import, select, rotate, and manage themes, visual styles, wallpapers, and logons.

Future versions support sounds, cursors, screensavers, and packages of all the above. How does it work? Instead of lines and gradients, the XP user interface natively supports the use of skinned bitmap controls (a visual style).

This is Microsoft's own innovation. Style XP includes its own visual styles.
Supports Win XP SP2

Style XP allows you to expand the customization features of Windows XP and gives you the power to install new themes that break the mold of the existing XP shell.

Style XP works by patching your operating system to accept unassigned styles, scores of which are available for download from the web. Once you've applied a style you can tweak virtually any aspect of the appearance, including the font size, screensaver, colors, menu transparency, or even the boot screen. What’s more, if you're particularly artistically minded you can to create your own elements in a graphics editor and apply them to the skin in Style XP.

There's no doubt that the temptation to make Windows look like OSX or apply a 'Windows Pirate Edition' boot screen is pretty appealing, but pimping your OS in this way does come with a risk. It’s worth bearing in mind that because of the way the Style XP writes files to your system folder you could end up doing damage to your machine, especially if you install a patch or a new service pack.


  • Lots of customization options
  • Comes with a decent range of bundled themes
  • Doesn’t gobble up too much system resources
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  • Interface can be a little daunting for novice PCs
  • Possible risk to your system files when installing the software 
Note: You can also get original MS windows XP themes by Clicking Here

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Updates: New StyleXP Themes Added
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