Instantly Hide Desktop by one key press, Magic Boss Key

If you work a job that requires you to sit in front of a computer for long periods, then you’ve no doubt spent time surfing the net when you should be working. Perhaps you’re doing that very thing right now. While some bosses might be lenient toward that sort of behavior, others aren’t going to be so happy to see you wasting company time. If your superior is the latter, then you might want to look into using Magic Boss Key.

No, there is no magic key that will magically get rid of your boss. Rather, it is a piece of software that will automatically minimize certain programs and mute your sound with the press of a button. There’s a great guide here on how to setup the software properly. Of course, if your computer is locked down and you can’t install software, then you’re just going to have to live without Facebook from 9 to 5.

Publisher Description:
Magic Boss Key allow you to hide active program window immediatlly using a hot key! You can hide the browser windows, folder windows, applications windows, all your desktop icons and taskbar when your boss or anyone else you don't want to see your screens comes in. It's speed is brought to maximum to allow you react as quickly as possible to any threat that appears. You won't feel even a slight difference in the performance of your home or office computer after installing it. With a cool and user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use Magic Boss Key. Everybody should have such program for personal privacy.
What's new in this version: Version 4.10 features new user interface; adds function to specialize which window left when other be hidden.


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