UnHackMe 5.99 Full Version

UnHackMe is a specialized Trojan removal tool that can detect and remove so called rootkits like Hacker Defender and clones. The program offers a simple interface and an option to exclude specific files from the scan.

"It kicked that evil rootkit Trojan's butt!"

Well known Antirootkits UnHackMe
1. Unique detection method.
Antirootkits try to detect rootkits in the Normal Windows mode. But
if a rootkit uses DKOM technology antirootkits will have a lot of problems

in detection. UnHackMe uses the rootkits' weak points. The rootkits need a way to auto start after computer reboot.
UnHackMe watches the Windows boot process from early stage till normal mode.
UnHackMe detects rootkits and other dangerous programs as well.

2. Safety.
Other antirookits software often cause the Windows blue-screen-of-death during rootkit detection.
Antirookits use the kernel mode software and each error or incompatibility with hidden
rootkit will cause immediate BSOD (blues screen of death).
Also your antirootkit can conflict with installed legitimate device drivers on the user computer. There are a lot of computer configurations and the software authors could not test all of them for compatibility with their software.
UnHackMe uses the kernel drivers only for making snapshots of the system state and UnHackMe is very stable.

 3. Detection speed.
Antirootkits need a lot of time to check all hard drives, memory and the registry. A user has to start the programs manually. UnHackMe automatically detects rootkits at every Windows boot. It takes about 5-7 seconds only.

4. Compatibility.
Antirootkits often conflict with each other. UnHackMe is fully compatible with antiviral and antirootkit software.
A user can use UnHackMe and other antiviral/antirootkit software at
the same time.
 5. Not only rootkit remover.
Antirootkits can not protect from Trojans and malware. UnHackMe removes Trojans/adware/spyware as well as rootkits.
The Rootkit will be completely deleted at the next reboot of your computer.


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