Sqirlz Water Reflections 2.6

After a quick installation, you can initiate the program. You'll probably think to yourself that it's a tool designed for children to play with, but that's not entirely true. Some effects look very professional.Sqirlz Water Reflections is a design tool that you can use to add various water-based effects to pictures.At first it's difficult to figure out how to use this software, but if you look in the Examples menu, you'll find a few useful tutorials.

Sqirlz Water Reflections is not very complex, but the few features it has are well built.
For example, the tutorials display the icons you need to click for each function, so navigating is extremely easy. And you get to learn how to use this tool pretty fast.
So, you can create effects for a picture - basic ripples, ring ripples, rain, and snow. It may seem childish at first glance, but it's actually very fun for adults to play with this tool.

Each effect is completely customizable, according to direction, motion type, wave strength and 
separation, underwater scene rippling, perspective, blur, texture, transparency, wave contrast, number of ripples, ripple speed, brightness, softness, depth of field, and others.
Unfortunately, there are also some downsides. If you select a certain combination of effects (usually one that results in a very detailed animation), the quality and speed of the animated picture decreases.
Results can be saved as AVIs or GIFs.
                           Click to view sample 1
                           Click to view sample 2

CPU and memory resources are minimally used.
In conclusion, Sqirlz Water Reflections proves to be a very fun tool to use, and children could certainly learn a thing or do. But adults can also play with it. Besides, it's free!


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