Satellite & Cable TV Software

Do you want to watch Cable TV?
Are you tired of sharing the tv you guys share?
Are you tired of downloading other software, that only offers foreign channels, and not USA Channels?
Do you want your own personal TV on your Laptop, or Desktop computer in your room?
Do you want to have Cable Tv on your Laptop, and can take the Tv anywhere you want?
Then you can download this, and start watching LIVE TV, NO BULLSHIT.

There is two people that have made this software possible, ... there is NOBODY Else on the Internet, that has come up with software like this. WE ARE THE ONLY ONES.
And Now, I'm here, and I'm willing to share with you, a very tiny package, but will deliver real live Cable TV.
The one Application is even smaller than that, it's only 129KB. VERY TINY.
100% Free. No Passwords, No Catches, No Crappy Forms to fill out. Just download  and enjoy.

Note:Install VLC Media Player First..
Download VLC Media Player


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  2. Great Blog! Online TV Software is indeed probably one of the best invention of the century. It raises the level of entertainment into a whole new level. I also love the thought that I can watch TV shows from any country in the world from the thousands of channels available. More choices, More Fun! Now, that's entertainment.


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