Automatic Wallpaper Changer

AWC is designed to be a one stop shop for displaying photos and other images as your desktop wallpaper. You can simply display your pictures on your desktop or create spectacular wallpapers by merging your images with the background of your choice using powerful alpha-blended fades.

AWC's timer automatically changes the desktop to display your pictures in the way that you want to see them. You can either select one or more directories containing picture files and allow AWC will create a list of all the images contained in them, randomly select one and format it using a combination of the many available options or you can pick your files individually and display them in your preferred order.

Added in V4.3 is the option to display a different image on each monitor if you have more than one attached to your computer.

The displayed image can be resized for the best fit to the screen, optionally maintaining its aspect ratio, or displayed at its actual size. There are a number of resizing methods available so you can choose the one the gives the best quality and performance for your system.

You aren't limited to the centre of the screen when displaying a picture, as is usually the case in windows, but can choose to display the picture in any of the four corners of the screen or centred on one of the edges. Additionally you can specify that images should always be tiled: again you can specify how the tiles are laid out on the screen rather than simply going from the top left.

The real power of AWC lies in the fact that there are lots of options for tweaking the picture to ensure that you get the best possible result on your system. Just open the Preferences screen from the File menu and you can set exactly how you want your wallpaper to appear.

The AWC is minimised to the system tray rather than to the task bar. To restore it to view just double-click the icon in the tray or right click to pop up a menu.

Key Features
Select files from multiple directories and their subdirectories if required
Multiple resizing options: Full Screen, Best Fit and Worst Fit
Display any file comments you have made as a label on top of the image
When resizing you can pick the method that gives your pictures the best result (Catmull-Rom and Lanczos supported)
Alpha blended fade effects for seamless merging of the wallpaper and background
Put a decorative frame around the image
Multi-monitor systems can display the image properly resized on all monitors or display a different image on each monitor
Images with EXIF geotag data in them can be used to open Google Earth at the location the picture was taken
Put a background image onto the screen before displaying the wallpaper on top of it
Save you current preferences to a file as a theme to be reloaded later
Enhance brightness, contrast and gamma correction independently from your monitor settings
Change wallpaper at user defined intervals or once at startup
The AWC screen saver shows your wallpapers in all their glory by removing the windows and icons
Apply various graphic effects when displaying such as invert and emboss
Use hotkeys to change the desktop on demand
Automatically check your image directories to see if any new files have been downloaded and add them to the display list
Ensure that each image in the list is displayed only once, even across Windows sessions
Virtually unlimited number of images can be displayed
Use EXIF orientation flag in photographs to automatically rotate images
Display the file name on the image
Filter the files to display by age, date and minimum size
Multiple tiling options
Image formats supported are BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PCX, TGA, RLE, Targa, Photoshop, Macintosh PICT and many Camera RAW image formats.


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