RegGenie with Keygen

RegGenie has quickly become one of the most popular registry cleaning and PC-Optimization utilities on the market.

Although there are a number of factors that have helped drive its popularity; its dead simple interface, its comprehensive optimization features and its ability to virtually automate the entire cleanup process - It is RegGenie's ability to produce results that has really set it apart.

We put RegGenie to the test to see for ourselves what its capable of. On to the review to see what we found...

We put RegGenie to work on our test PC to see what it would do to the average computer that has accumulated several months-worth of files, downloads, software installs and uninstalls and just about any other everyday activity. Before the cleanup, programs would crash now and then and it suffered from the odd "Blue Screen" crash. The computer ran fairly sluggishly, often taking 20-30 seconds or more to open programs like Word or the Internet; and the 'system startup' took just under 4 minutes on average.

After the cleanup and optimization process, the results were pretty dramatic to say the least. I'm not going to exagerate and say it was "better than new!" or anything like that but there was a significant improvement. The system startup now takes just over 2 minutes and starting programs takes a fraction of the time it used to. It's been about a week since the cleanup at the time of writing this and I have yet to see any "Blue Screens" or error messages. So far, so good! I have the auto-scan feature enabled, so it should automatically scan my PC on a regular basis to catch any errors that do crop up - not bad.

Ease of Use

RegGenie is about as simple as it gets. The menus are clear, simple and pretty. All the features were easily accessible and should be no problem, even for the most technologically-challenged user.

The entire process from install to finish took at most 5 minutes, which is surprising considering the results. The Windows startup manager, which allows you to toggle which programs run on startup (which can affect performance) was very straight-forward and the auto-scan feature was equally easy-to-use.


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