Google Earth Pro Full and Final

What is Google Earth?
Google Earth is a mapping product which enables users to explore any place in the world without leaving the comfort of their homes. Unlike Google Maps, Google Earth is a desktop application which allows users to view 3D images of buildings, tourist destinations, canyons of the oceans and even galaxies in outerspace! (Another article has already discussed the difference between Google Earth and Google Maps).

Originally called EarthViewer 3D, Google Earth combines the satellite imagery and the search capabilities of Google. It allows users to tour the world as well as zoom from space to street level. It also shows driving directions and the locations of hotels, restaurants and many other establishments. Finding an address is now as easy as searching through Google.

Google Earth is a free download for personal use, but Google Earth Pro costs $400 for an annual subscription. Is Google Earth Pro really worth this substantial increase in price?
But Im Giving it For Free.Enjoy


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