Daemon Tools V4.0 Full

Create image files of your original discs with DAEMON Tools Pro Standard.

License: SharewarePublisher: DAEMON Tools

OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98

Update: 2011-09-07 01:18:27Latest Version: 4.41.0315

Daemon Tools – Easy & Pro Disk Emulation

DAEMON Tools is a very popular disk image emulator with some really good features. It is only available for the Microsoft Windows operating system. This handy application allows us to mount our CD, DVD, HD DVD or Blu-ray images as virtual drives. DAEMON Tools is also well known as it it said to include several mechanisms to try to avoid some of the most widely know copy protections. DAEMON Tools was originally an improvement to another piece of software called Generic SafeDisc emulator, from which DAEMON Tools has inherited all its features and functionalities. Today we are going to go through its most outstanding features.

Why Disk Emulation?
Before starting with DAEMON Tools specifically, I would like to make a few considerations about this issue, just to know what is that makes of applications like DAEMON Tools such “must-have” programs for all level of users. As you will see, there are several advantages in disk emulation, I think that the most important is the possibility to make a backup of our CD/DVD collection in order to avoid the wear-and-tear process, but not only it is useful for optical removable media we can also backup HDDs just in case they are damaged lost or stolen. Talking about backups, a friend of mine once told me: “A piece of data which is not simultaneously stored in at least two different medias, cannot be considered as secured or even existing”. That statement may sound a bit too radical but it reflects a reality: accidents tend to happen.
Secondly, we can find disk emulation useful to avoid optical drive disadvantages such as lower speed, noise and power consumption, specially in the case of a laptop or netbook. In the third place I would like to say that it is the best way to distribute software (since the wide spread of broadband all over the globe). We can also use emulation to test a software installation disk correct functioning before we burn it into a CD or DVD thus avoiding disk waste. Of course there are a lot of other advantages but this four, I think, make of disk emulation something to have in mind.

Now, To DAEMON Tools
DAEMON Tools Pro now includes Image Editor, this novelty allows us to generate new images or edit th ones we already have. This incredibly handy tool can be executed from DAEMON Tools main window or even from Windows Explorer. Its most useful functionalities are adding, replacing and deletion of the files contained in the disk image.

DAEMON Tools is a really comprehensive application, with a lot of functionalities. It allows us to create disk images using profiles which are already configured, but if something is not just as we like it, we can always make any necessary change to the disk image.

We can also compress data to gain hard disk room, and there is also the possibility to split image files into smaller pieces which is highly useful in case we have to send it via e-mail or we want to make them compatible with CD or DVD sizes. Our images can also be protected as well as the information contained in them.

But if mounting and unmounting is not enough for us we are also enabled to burn this images to a CD or DVD. Emulation capabilities of DAEMON Tools do not end in Cds and DVDs it can also emulate HD DVD and Blu-ray drives.

Some Interesting Extras
With DAEMON Tools we have the possibility to get up to 32 virtual drives in both sorts SCSI and IDE. And if run out of English letters, we still can create virtual drives and what is best still see them in My Computer by the assignment of a folder to this virtual drive. Another interesting function is its conversion capability, we can convert our media to Media Descriptor format .mds and .mdf which are DAEMON Tools native.

We can adapt DAEMON Tools to our heart content, as it brings a lot of parameters to adjust in order to fit our needs, we can create and delete toolbars, change and create keyboard commands, and adjust some other aesthetic aspects like highlight the icons we do not often use and so on.


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