Friday, July 10, 2015

[Latest] Download Skype full offline standalone installer setup

Posted by Shahbaz Khan
Skype has become a real platform-independent messenger; it is a free download for Windows, Mac, Linux desktop operating systems, and Android, iOS, Symbian, Java enabled devices. Lately the developers are expanding its availability to Smart Televisions, wearable devices, etc. According to reports Skype mobile app usage is also getting huge, still when you count the desktop numbers, users are mostly from Windows PCs.

Skype full installer latest version
If you are a regular user of Skye for Windows, you might have noticed that it is not that easy to download the full offline version of the software from Microsoft’s website. Skype usually provides an online installer that connects to the Internet to download the rest of the software files. Skype is the front-runner of this online installation strategy, and they are doing this from the beginning, only for Windows platform. While some may find it useful, most of us would be in need of a standalone and full setup that don’t need an Internet connection for subsequent installations. So here are the ways, and a direct link to download Skype offline installer if you are looking for one.

Download Skype Standalone Full Setup

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Monday, April 6, 2015

AVG Internet Security 2015 License Keys | Serial | Activation

Posted by Shahbaz Khan

AVG Internet Security 2015

AVG Internet Security is a complete package that turns your PC protects against threats from the Internet. Nuclear security suite is AVG antivirus, the Trojan, spyware and other malware reliably detects and eliminates. “AVG Internet Security” also protects you while chatting or downloading files from the Internet. An anti-spam feature checks incoming e-mails and filters out unwanted advertising messages, even before this land in your inbox. Are you often in social networks on the go, the program checked in real time, for example, sent URLs to their origin. The integrated firewall fortifies your system against espionage attacks on sensitive data. Practical: The Smart Scanning runs almost silently in the background while you continue working on your PC.

Top Features

  • File server protection
  • Protection of workstations (laptops, personal computers)
  • Anti-Spam workstations (laptops, personal computers)
  • Protect your mail server
  • The necessary level of protection
  • Our specialists are always looking for new challenges, so we can quickly develop new ways of protection.
  • AVG products protect more than 80 million PC users around the world.
  • Easy to use security

How to Activate?

  • Download the product package given or online official setup and install
  • During installation, it will ask you for key
  • Enter any key given below and install the product.
  • You have successfully activated the product till February 2018
  • That’s it Enjoy!


Updated KEYS


Serial Keys



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Monday, March 9, 2015

Subway Surfers FREE Download for PC | Windows XP/7/8

Posted by Shahbaz Khan
Free Download Subway Surfers Full Version for Windows 7 and 8 PC Games Free for Download .Subway Surfers PC Games is an adventure game that is very fun to play, this game will take you to collect coins, and get away from the pursuit of city janitor. Here is available for free Subway Surfers PC Games for Windows.

Subway Surfers Game System Requirments:-))

OS::: Windows 7-8
RAM::: 512 MB
HDD::: 100 MB
Processor::: Intel Core 2

Subway Surfers Screen Shots:-))

How To Play Game For PC

If you want to Play using Keyboard follow below steps:-))
After Download Game

Go to Folder "To Play in Keyboard"

  1. Install "AutoHotkey.exe"
  2. Open "SubSurf"

Now Go to Folder [Game]

    3. Double Click "Subway_Surfers.exe"

Play and Enjoy....!!

Follow Image Below:-))

>>Click Here to Download<<

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Subway Surfers: Top 10 Tips & Cheats | Unlimited Coins and Score

Posted by Shahbaz Khan

Subway Surfers is everywhere. Trust us when we tell you – you’ve caught a glimpse of someone on their smartphone playing this urban infinite runner. The art style is infinitely cool and the addictive “move as fast and far as you can” gameplay mechanic drives this game to the top of the charts.

Players who want to make the best of the game need to know the best way to approach it. There’s power-up’s, new characters and several missions you’ll need to master as you run through the subways.

Now go out there and keep running those subway tracks!

1. Try to Stay High (No, not like that…)

Maneuvering around the hazardous tracks in the game involves a lot of running, dashing and jumping. The safest method you’ll need to use when making your run’s is by running atop the trains. By staying high, you’ll have an easier run that’s not packed with instances of avoiding a bunch of several obstacles. When you jump off those trains and move in mid-air, your character will move into a diagonal movement. Diagonal jumps and movement will get you very far.

2. Make Sure You Know About All the Hoverboards

If you ever spend some coins on a hoverboard, you’ll have to become familiar with their special abilities too. Hoverboards last 30 seconds, but they’ll be unusable once you get hit. Check out the list below for all the permanent hoverbaords that are available to you all:

– Hoverboard (Starter)
– Big Kahuna
– Bouncer: Special Power: Super Jump (Has the same effects of Super Sneakers)
– Daredevil
– Freestyler
– Lowrider: Special Power: Stay Low (You won’t need to roll if you have that hoverboard in use)
– Lumberjack
– Miami
– Monster
– Scoot
– Skull Fire
– Starboard (Free Hoverboard that’s available to everyone)
– Superhero

Hit up for more info on the rest of the hoverboards that you can attach to your characters.

3. Learn About the Powerup’s The Game Has made sure to note what all the powerup’s are and what they can do:

Jetpack: Gives you flying ability over all the trains and obstacles and you can still get a bunch of coins in the process.

Super Sneakers: These make you run a lot faster and the guard will be waaay behind.

Coin Magnet: While active, this magnet collects all the coins around you.

2X Multiplier: This will double your score while it is active.

4. So What Powerup’s Should You Use the Most?

At the start of your time with the game, the best powerup’s you need to equip is the Coin Magnet and the Jetpack. Copping as many coins as possible during the beginning portions of the game makes it easier for you to purchase more single use items. As for the jetpack, this item is another useful tool that will get a bunch of coins and keep you from harm. When you’re ready to get some extremely high scores, take advantage of the 2x Multiplier. Upgrade this powerup the most so you can eventually reach the x30 multiplier (which is possible through the use of all three items mentioned before). Upgrading the Jetpack and Super Sneakers makes your runs even more safer.

5. Use These Move Combinations listed a few button combinations that come in handy during those near-miss situations:

- Jump + Right or Jump + Right + Right = Dash to the right while in mid-air
– Jump + Left or Jump + Left + Left = Dash to the left while in mid-air
– Jump + Roll = Cancels your Jump then instantly goes into a Roll
– Roll + Jump = Cancels your Roll then instantly goes into a Jump

6. Make Sure You Complete Those Missions and Daily Challenges

Missions can be viewed by checking out the missions tab and by pausing the game. Make sure you keep a close eye on these missions since you’ll have to know what else you have to complete next to running really far. Some of the missions require you collect a certain amount of coins or score a certain number of points during a run, so always try to knock those out in during one stage. Daily challenges exist for an extra wrinkle in the gameplay that also gets you some Mystery Boxes.

7. Turn The Time Back on Your Device to Get Some Extra Characters

The Wikia page for the game listed a cheat method that can help you get your hands on some limited edition characters:

– Go to your device’s setting and click “Date and Time.”
– Set the time on stuff you want in the chart below.

Time Chart
– October 3, 2012 – Set this time for Zombie Jake.
– December 1, 2012 – Set this time for Elf Tricky and Starboard.
– January 5, 2013 – Set this time for Tony and Liberty.
– January 30, 2013 – Set this time for Carmen and Toucan.
– Februrary 28, 2013 – Set this time for Roberto and Kick-Off.
– March 1, 2013 – Set this time for Egg Hunt to get the Chicky Hoverboard.
– April 5, 2013 – Set this time for Kim and Outback.
– May 4, 2013 – Set this time for Harumi and Fortune.
– May 27, 2013 Set this time for the Cherry Hoverboard.
– May 30, 2013 – Set this time for Nick and Flamingo

.8. This Let’s Play Vid Should Help Your Scoring Methods

The video seen above should point you in the right direction when it comes to getting a super high score.

9. What’s The Mission Structure for Sets 50 and 51? listed the mission details for sets 50 and 51:

- MISSION SET Number 50 (same as #30)

1) Jump over 4 trains in one run.
Tip: This requires picking up a pair of Super Sneakers and jumping completely over trains. It will be hard to complete this early in the game when trains move slowly, so try to do this later on when trains are running faster and are easier to jump over.

2) Pick up 3 Jetpacks in one run.

3) Pick up 1200 coins with a Magnet.

– MISSION SET Number 51 (same as #31)

1) Dodge 30 barriers in one run.
Tip: This means jump over or roll under the barrier. Running alongside it won’t work. While you should usually stay up on top of the trains whenever possible, this mission is more easily accomplished by running on the ground.

2) Pick up 5 Magnets in one run.

3) Use 10 Headstarts.
10. Go Crazy When it Comes to Collecting Coins

This probably doesn’t need to be said, but here it goes – collect as many coins as you can. Even when you spot some coins that are a tad too close to some hurtful obstacles, go out of your way and nab ‘em if you can. These coins place your score on a whole ‘nother level once your character finally expires. Once you upgrade your score multiplier and coin magnet up to some stronger levels, your coin collecting trials will become less of a headache.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Subway Surfersplayers, throw them in the comments section!
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Download IDM 6.22 with Crack and Serial FREE

Posted by Shahbaz Khan
IDM 6.22 Cracked

Internet Download Manager ( IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads . Reset error resilience and resume broken constructed or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns , or unexpected power outages . Simple graphic user interface makes it easy and simple to use IDM .

Internet Download Manager has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads .

Download Internet Download Manager 6.22 full version with crack and serial number included (IDM patch is not needed for activation and registration), valid for Windows Xp, vista, Windows 7 and Wndows 8 tested working and free.

How much cost?
The Price of the last version od Internet Download Manager 6.22 is 24.95 $

>Click here to Download IDM 6.22 trial version (valid for 30 days). 

>Activation: Download IDM 6.22 crack + serial key : HERE | or HERE

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How to Find and Configure Fastest DNS Server | Windows

Posted by Shahbaz Khan

Part 1 of 2: Finding the Fastest DNS Server near You

Step 1: 
Go to Namebench's Page and download the latest version of the software for your Operating System.

Step 2:
Run the downloaded file and Run the benchmark (May consume some time)

Step 3
The benchmark should finish and a list of optimal DNS servers will be listed.

Step 4
Write down the addresses of the two fastest servers near you and continue to part 2.
Note: We copied the top two in case one of them does not work properly

Part 2 of 2: Configuring the DNS Servers in Windows

Step 1
Open the control panel and navigate to “Network and Internet” and click “Network and Sharing Center”

Step 2
Click your active connection

Step 3
Click Properties

Step 4
Select Internet Protocol Version 4 then click Properties

Step 5
In the Preferred DNS Server, enter your fastest result from part 1
In the Alternate DNS Server, enter your second fastest result from part 1
Click OK!

Step 6
In case you get this, Ignore it.

Step 7
To be sure that everything is up and running, Open command Prompt

Done! Enjoy faster browsing

Thank you for reading
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How to send FREE SMS from PC using Android Phone | MightyText

Posted by Shahbaz Khan
Fumbling with the small keyboard on your phone or searching for your phone when you need to text became a thing of the past with this app. Mighty Text allows you to send messages right from your computer without downloading any desktop clients. You don't have to memorize any of your friends' phone numbers, either. It's almost like having a SIM card in your PC or laptop.

The app works using your existing Google account and requires you to authorize the app on the Web. Once you do, all of your contact information, texts and calls are forwarded to Mighty Text. From there, you can see every message you've been sent and reply to messages with ease. Messages are sent within seconds. You'll even have the ability to attach pictures or videos to your outgoing texts. The program doesn't load your contact's pictures, but it does load incoming and outgoing calls and texts from them in the same menu. It even shows your phone's current battery so you know if it's time to take it off of the charger. To do all of this, it uses a remote connection to your phone. That means the app won't help you avoid texting charges as you might expect. If that's not a problem for you, this app is an amazing find.

This app works just as you expect it to with no complicated setup. Whether you're trying to text with a full keyboard or just don't want to get up from the couch to answer a text, Mighty Text is a standout app that offers more than most text-from-your-computer setups dream of.

Free texting service MightyText actually manages to live up to its name.

The hardest part of using MightyText is the initial setup. Like many desktop texting services, it works with Android devices only, and requires that you install a mobile app on your phone. Once the mobile app is installed and you're ready to use MightyText on your computer or tablet, you have to do a bit of tinkering with your browser's settings if you'd like to receive notifications of new messages. But MightyText guides you through the process— which involves changing some security settings in Internet Explorer or installing a third-party add-on in Firefox—and it's a one-time thing.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

[How to] Easiest way to activate Windows 8.1. Download KMS Activator.

Posted by Shahbaz Khan
Visitors of Filehouse were demanding Windows 8.1 activator for few weeks. As it's just been released recently, I couldn't manage it. Finally I've got it from +Kunal Patel. Thanks Kunal for sharing this with me. Kunal informed me that he has successfully activated his Windows with this one. And I've also tested this with my preview version.

This KMS is capable of activating:

Windows 8 and 8.1
Office 2010 and 2013

* Since I don't have all versions of Office and Windows, I can't test this activator. But I think this will work for you.

Now I'm gonna share this with you. Follow the instruction below:

Download the zipped file - It's only 320 KB Only!
Unzip the file. (You can read the instruction file)
Run the KMS 8.1 as Administrator.
Look at the KMS Screenshot below.
There are mainly three options: 1. Windows 2. Office 3. Both
When you press the key, suppose 1, operation will start. Let this work.
While running this for the first time, you might be supposed to allow something.
After successfully installing the KMS on your system, you will get the confirmation message.
Close the window and check your activation status from System Properties. (Press Start + Pause to open System Properties)

Hope you will be able to activate your Office and Windows. When I tried this activator, my net connection was active. But you can keep your net disconnected while running this operation. If you face any problem, never hesitate to contact me. And don't forget to let me know by comments. Also share this with your friends if it works for you.

This Activator may not Work in the following Cases:

This activator may not work properly if you upgraded from Windows 7 or 8. In that case, you have to re-install your Windows from installation DVD.
Any third party anti virus may block this activtor. Please remove third party anti virus (if installed) before trying this activator.
This activator may fail to activate your system if you receive updates from Windows Automatic Update!
If eveything is okay and still this doesn't work, then use the latest KMS for activating Office and Windows. 

Please mention your Windows Version while commenting. Waiting for your feedback . . .
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Sunday, October 5, 2014

How to get free verified Paypal account in Pakistan

Posted by Shahbaz Khan
verified paypal in pakistan
Many people are discussing how to get verified paypal account in Pakistan because paypal does not provide services in Pakistan. But still many people are using paypal in Pakistan. How is it possible?
Here I am gonna teach you the simple method by which you can get verified paypal account in Pakistan.
First of all let me explain you why it is necessary to verify paypal account.
You can easily create a paypal account using fake information but if you have not verified your paypal account you cannot send or receive any money through paypal.
So it is compulsary to have a verified paypal account. And you cant get verified unless you have a bank account outside Pakistan. 

In this topic I am gonna teach you How to create and verify paypal account.
I will now tell you in urdu so every one can understand it.

How to get free verified Paypal account in Pakistan

1. Apko pakistan main paypal account verified krwane k liye jo cheez sbse pehlay chahiye,, wo hai apka bank account jo tamam duniya main payment ka zarriya hai. Yeh us payment service kehlati hai aur isy payoneer naam ki company chala rhi hai. Puri duniya main payment k liye payoneer us payment service se behtreen cheez koi nahin hai. Is sservice se jub ap register hotay hain to ap k adress pe apko aik MASTER ATM card bhijwaya jata hai. Ap paypal se apne payoneer bank account main jo bhi raqam transfer karty hain wo direct ap k card main aati hai jise ap ksi bhi ATM se ba aasani nikalwa skty hain. 

To sbse pehlay ap is website per ja kar us payment service k liye register hon. 

Is pe click kr k aap k samne yeh page open ho jaye ga aur aap sign up pe click kr k register ho jayen !

NOTE: Is link se register honey par aap jub apne account main pehly $100 receive krty hain to apko $25 FREE bonus mile ga. Yeh $100 aap chahey aik hi dafa receive kren ya beshak mukhtalif payments main, aap ko $25 milty hain.

Yahaan ap register hojayen.
Wazeh rahe k ap yahan apne asli naam paty k sath register hongay qk jub tk aap apni asal shanakht na batayen ap is service se faida nahin utha skty. 

2. Jub ao register hojayen ge to apse email k zariye puchha jaye ga k kya ap us payment service k liye apply karna chahty hain. Apko aik questionaire fill karne ko kaha jaye ga aur apni I.d card ki picture upload karne ko kaha jjaye ga!
Ap questionaire fill kkarne k bad apne I.d card ki pic inki site pe upload kar den. 

3. Ap ko 3 se 4 din main bata dia jaye ga k ap us payment service k liye qualify ho gaye hain ya nahin. Wese har koi qualify kar leta hai. 

4. Phir ap ne jo address dia hoga,, uspe apko atm card bhijwaya jaye ga jo k 25 se 40 dinon tk ap k adress pe aajata hai. 

5. Jub ap us payment service k liye select hojaty hain to apki bank account details apko bhej di jati hain email main. 
Us detail ko ap paypal account verify karwane k liye istemal karen ge! 

6. Ab paypal pe apna account bnayen. 

7. Apna country USA select karen aur apna adress USA ka hi den. Yeh dhyan rahe k aap paypal main registration k waqt apna asli naam zaroor likhen jo aap ne payoneer main registration k waqt istemal kia tha. 

8. USA k liye fake adress aur phone number FakeNameGenerator se haasil kia ja skta hai. Well phone type aap ne home hi rkhna hai. Mobile Phone Type Nahin Rakhna. Its better to obtain a Google Voice phone number to give in Paypal using this method. To learn how to get free USA phone number to receive phone calls go to Get Free US Phone Number 

9. Ab jo address aap ne Fake Name Generator se hasil kia hai aur jo phone number aap ne SIP ya Google voice se hasil kia hai, us information ko use krty huye apna paypal account bnayen. Apna account bnany k bad ap verify paypal account main jayen. 

10. Verify by BANK ACCOUNT select karen.
11. Apne us payment service account ki detail den which includes routing number and bank account no. 

12. Ab paypal ap k payoneer account pe 2 raqmen bheje ga jo ap ko 3 se 4 din main mil jayen gi. Ho skta hai k verification k liye raqam bhejne se pehlay security measures k taur pe paypal aap se call kr kr phone verification mange to tub aap ne apne US phone number pe call receive krni hai aur verification k bad aap ko paypal 2 amounts bhej dega. 

13. Jub wo 2 raqmen mil jayen to Un raqmon ka indiraj apne paypal account main kijiye. (Confirm Bank Account) k button pe click kr k. 

14. apka verified paypal account tayyar hai. 

15. Use kijye aur mujhay duayen dijiye.

Agar ap chahty hain k aap ka paypal account bnd na ho to laazman neechay di gai ehtiyaton pe amal karen !

1. Paypal main registeration k waqt ap apna asli naam likhain jo apne us payment service k apply karne k doran istemal kia ho.
2. Kbhi bhi ksi proxy site se login na hon.
3. Paypal account pe login hotay huye hamesha istemal se pehle aur istemal k bad apni browser history cookies aur cache ko lazmi delete karen.
4. Kbhi bhi ksi mutanaze zarriye se raqam wasool na kren.
5. In sub ehtiyaton pe amal kar k ap boht kamiyabi se apna paypal account istemal kar skty hain.
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Monday, July 7, 2014

Internet Download Manager 6.20 build 5 Full version registered with manual cracking

Posted by Shahbaz Khan
Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads.

Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages. Simple graphic user interface makes IDM user friendly and easy to use.

Internet Download Manager has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads. Unlike other download managers and accelerators Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically during download process and reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve best acceleration performance.

How to crack IDM manually:

Step 1: Download the IDM trial version FROM HERE and install it or If you already have IDM installed Update it by going to Help---}} then to check for Updates.

Step 2: Now Go to START --}} Then go to RUN and type the following text and click enter:
notepad %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

[For Windows 7/8 users, due to security reasons you will not be able to save hosts file.
The trick is below:
First of all go to C:/ drive then go to Windows Folder and then go to System32 folder and then go to Drivers folder and then go to Etc Folder, in the Etc folder you will see the hosts file.
Now right click on hosts file and go to its properties, then go to security tab and then select your admin account, just below u will see an edit button (in front of change permissions), Now give the user full control and write and read rights and then click on apply and then click on Ok, now u will be able to edit the hosts file.]

Step 3: After following step 2, a notepad file will appear something like this as shown below:

le click to Enlarge
Now copy the below lines of code and add to hosts file as shown above:

and save it (ctrl+s).

Step 4: Now open IDM and click on Registration, Now a new dialog appears that is asking for Name, Last Name, Email Address and Serial Key.

Step 5: Now Enter you name, last name, email address and in field of Serial Key enter any of the following Keys:


And click on OK to register.

Now your IDM has been converted to full version and specially when you update next time, your registration will not expire. That means it will remain full version for life time and you can update it without any problem.
I hope you all have liked my post.
Any Problem? Tell us below in the comment section.
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

[Solved] BlueStacks installation failed. Error 25001. Seem to have antivirus installed. Bitdefender Problem.

Posted by Shahbaz Khan
I have spent 3-4 hours by the way on google, but couldn’t find the solution. Then I thought why don’t I find by myself. So here is the solution. Very simple.

  1. Download – BlueStacks_HD_AppPlayerPro_setup_0.7.8.829_REL.msi (102 MB)
  2. Unpack with Universal Extractor ( by right clicking on the MSI and select UniExtract to Subdir
  3. Go inside of the folder – BlueStacks_HD_AppPlayerPro_setup_0.7.8.829_REL
  4. Download MSI reader InstEd ( Application
  5. Open unpacked BlueStacks_HD_AppPlayerPro_setup_0.7.8.829_REL.msi (1.86 MB) in the InstEd application
  6. From the left menu list, select InstallExecuteSequence, on the right side find ChechAV entry. You will find “$RuntimeComponent > 2″ replace 2 with 100. like this.. $RuntimeComponent > 100........ In this way you will also find some conditions, also do the same change if you are having issue about RAM, graphics card etc.
  7. Save the file from the file menu
  8. Close InstEd.
  9. Now Run saved MSI, it will works like charm.
  10. Add C:\Program Files\BlueStacks folder in the exclusion list of Bitdefender.
  11. Enjoy and have fun.

I think version number [something like] doesn't matter. Whatever you can download, this process will work on that.
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Monday, May 12, 2014

List of Websites that can be useful for anyone

Posted by Shahbaz Khan

The 101 Most Useful Websites

These sites solve at least one problem really well and they all have simple web addresses
(URLs) that you can easily memorize thus saving a trip to Google.

1. – record movies of your desktop and send them straight to YouTube.
2. – for capturing screenshots of web pages on mobile and desktops.
3. – shorten long URLs and convert URLs into QR codes.
4. – find the original URL that's hiding behind a short URL.
5. qClock – find the local time of a city using a Google Map.
6. – copy special characters that aren't on your keyboard.
7. – a better search engine for twitter.
8. – create flowcharts, network diagrams, sitemaps, etc.
9. – the best place to find icons of all sizes.
10. – download templates, clipart and images for your Office documents.
11. – the easiest way to setup email reminders.
12. – scan any suspicious file or email attachment for viruses.
13. – gets answers directly without searching - see more wolfram tips.
14. – print web pages without the clutter.
15. – reformats news articles and blog content as a newspaper.
16. – a search engine for RSS feeds.
17. – a simple online timer for your daily needs.
18. – if a site is down due to heavy traffic, try accessing it through coral CDN.
19. – pick random numbers, flip coins, and more.
20. – lets you can quickly edit PDFs in the browser itself.
21. – Preview PDFs and Presentations directly in the browser.
22. – simultaneously upload videos to YouTube and other video sites.
23. – your virtual whiteboard.
24. – share you email address online without worrying about spam.
25. – now get read receipts for your email.
26. – visualize and compare the size of any product.

27. – quickly determine the font name from an image.
28. – a good collection of open source fonts.
29. – find data hidden in your photographs – see more EXIF tools.
30. – broadcast events live over the web, including your desktop screen.
31. – helps you search domains across all TLDs.
32. – design from scratch or re-model your home in 3d.
33. – share you screen with anyone over the web.
34. – recognize text from scanned PDFs - see other OCR tools.
35. - Track flight status at airports worldwide.
36. – for sharing really big files online.
37. – best-sellers on all subjects that you can download for free.
38. – check your writing for spelling or grammatical errors.
39. – easily highlight the important parts of a web page for sharing.
40. – work on the same document with multiple people.
41. – planning an event? find a date that works for all.
42. – a less confusing view of the world time zones.
43. – the perfect tool for measuring your site performance online.
44. – print music sheets, write your own music online (review).
45. - chat with your buddies on Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, etc. from one place.
46. – translate web pages, PDFs and Office documents.
47. – create paintings and sketches with a wide variety of brushes.
48. – discover new sites that are similar to what you like already.
49. – quick summarize long pieces of text with tag clouds.
50. – create mind-maps, brainstorm ideas in the browser.
51. – get color ideas, also extract colors from photographs.
52. – share your photos in an album instantly.
53. – when your friends are too lazy to use Google on their own.
54. – when you need to find the name of a song.
55. – automatically find perfectly-sized wallpapers for mobiles.56. – send an online fax for free – see more fax services.
57. – get RSS feeds as an email newsletter.
58. – quickly send a file to someone, they can even preview it before downloading.
59. – transfer files of any size without uploading to a third-party server.
60. – setup a private chat room in micro-seconds.
61. – create text notes that will self-destruct after being read.
62. – track the status of any shipment on Google Maps – alternative.
63. – when you need to raise funds online for an event or a cause.
64. – find if your favorite website is offline or not?
65. – find the other websites of a person with reverse Analytics lookup.
66. – find the web host of any website.
67. – found something on Google but can't remember it now?
68. – an online audio editor that lets record, and remix audio clips online.
69. – create a temporary web page that self-destruct.
70. – find definitions of slangs and informal words.
71. – consult this site before choosing a seat for your next flight.
72. – download stock images absolutely free.
73. – view very high-resolution images in your browser without scrolling.
74. – quickly create custom Google Maps online.
75. – quickly setup email reminders for important events.
76. – Picnik is offline but PicMonkey is an even better image editor.
77. – you can ask or answer personal questions here.
78. – an excellent layer-based online image editor.
79. – find if that email offer you received is real or just another scam.
80. – master touch-typing with these practice sessions.
81. – send video emails to anyone using your web cam.
82. – create timelines with audio, video and images.
83. – make a movie out of your images, audio and video clips.
84. – check the trust level of any website.
85. – a beautiful to-do app that looks like your paper dairy.
86. – you'll need this when your bookmarked web pages are deleted.
87. – quickly capture effective notes during meetings.
88. – Watch YouTube channels in TV mode.
89. – quickly create a video playlist of your favorite artist.
90. – Send tweets longer than 140 characters.
91. – create a free and simple website using your Dropbox account.
92. – find the technology stack of any website.
93. – research a website from the SEO perspective.
94. – broadcast live audio over the web.
95. – bookmark online videos and watch them later (review).
96. – add QR codes to your documents and presentations (review).
97. – the easiest way to write short text notes in the browser.
98. – send rich-text mails to anyone, anonymously.
99. – hire people to do little things for $5.
100. – easily manage your online files on Dropbox, Google Docs, etc. – create a connection between all your online accounts.
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